Power & Torque up to 45%

How will my car improve after fitting a chip or a remap?

  • Non-Turbo cars from 8-11% more torque
  • Turbo petrol cars from 10-30% more torque
  • Turbo diesel cars from 20-45% more torque

Prices from only 250



Feel The Difference

In your Pocket

Up to 10-20% Better MPG
Smoother Acceleration
Removes Flats Spots
Improved Towing Capability
Environmentally Friendly

Apart from Saving Money, you will be reducing your carbon footprint and helping in the fight against Global Warming.


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Welcome to Autoremap

Autoremap provides Ecu remapping performance products and upgrades to tune your vehicle’s specific needs.

We wish not only to enhance your vehicle but to also improve your overall tuning experience. Whether you’re looking at remapping for a racing monster or improving your daily driver, we will focus on and provide for your specific needs.

We know everyone is unique and therefore require different needs, we are here to accommodate you and your vehicle's needs.

Each of our remapped tuning files are TüV approved (same as British Kite Mark) and individually tailored for the vehicle and not a one size fits all generic remaps that some use.

Remap Benefit's:

  • Improved power & drivability of your engine
  • Sharper throttle response
  • Removal of Flat spots
  • The option of installing back the original map.
  • A friendly and professionally service.
  • A reduction of your fuel consumption (at same driving fashion)


We are proud to announce that we are now selling TuningBoxes. Our Boxes are designed and manufactured by one of the market leaders in this field to the highest quality.

* Increase torque and engine power up to 30%
* DIY - Installs in 5 Minutes
* Once removed OEM setting are retained
* OEM Connectors and water proof housing
* Ideal for Vehicles under warranty or leased
* Dyno tested for accurate figures

Contact us for information regarding our Autoremap remapping services and Tuning Boxes here